Inexpensive Home Decor Ideas in Malaysia

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Inexpensive Home Decor Ideas in Malaysia

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Inexpensive Home Decor Ideas In Malaysia

What is Instagram-Worthy Home?

No idea on what is “Instagram worthy” home? Instagram worthy home is now a thing and a lot of younger consumers admit that they specifically seek out décor items that would look good on social media. Social media is undoubtedly influencing home décor trends, with seemingly impossibly beautiful and tastefully curated rooms flooding our feeds on a daily basis.

Are you want to have some inexpensive home décor idea?

Are you want to own a “Instagram worthy” home?

Are you want your home look photogenic?

You have an idea on décor your home but don’t know where to start?

If you answered “YES” for above, then you are in a right place!

Making your home Instagram worthy needn’t to be an expensive pipe dream, it is doable even you have limited budget. There are several inexpensive home décor ideas. Everyone wants their home to look good. But in the age of social media, “good” has taken on a whole new meaning. It’s not about finding the right color scheme or showing off a beautiful couch.

Continue to reading on this, and J Warmy Home will furnish you with some inexpensive home décor ideas to help you start! If you are someone who takes your home’s interior design seriously and will potentially spend a lot on renovation works. Just on hold, and think twice! We have some ideas which is inexpensive one! That may help to cutting down your expenses for renovation and add these decorations and furniture into your home instead. These will instantly spruce up your home and make it look Instagram worthy plus luxurious-looking at the same time.


6 Inexpensive Home Decor Ideas for Instagram-Worthy Home

Check them out below, Let’s go!

  1. Neon light


Neon lights are indeed Instagram worthy décor but the trick to nailing it is to choose one with white light! White light! White light! Forgo those pink, green, blue or yellow neon lights as those belongs to bars and not for your homes. Primp up a plain area of your home with a simple white neon light like the ones above.

  1. Marble Coffee table

Marble-patterned decorations or furniture just instantly makes a place look atas! Since having real marble tabletops or flooring can actually make your pocket feels so hurt, opt for marble-patterned furniture such as a coffee table instead. It won’t make your pocket hurt and makes a great backdrop for any flat lay photos of your favorite coffee, artificial plants or books!

Tips: Choose a marble coffee table with gold accents to “amp” up the luxurious feel or matte black for a cleaner look.

  1. Velvet Sofas

Velvet feels good and comfy to the touch while looking like it belongs in a palace at the same time. Darken colors will give your home a pop of color against a white or neutral colored wall. Take note that velvet sofas are not easy to clean as compared to leather. We recommend you to choose a velvet sofa in colors such as royal green and royal blue.


  1. Mirror

Addling a full-length mirror on a wall in your living room will give the illusion of a bigger home! Plus, it just looks so good and atas too!Choose a wall that is facing your doorway or seating area so that when guests enter your home, it looks like your house bigger than it actually is.

If full-length mirror is too pricey for you, a round mirror attached to the wall or floor is your choice too! Place it near the home’s entry way so that you can check that your outfit and hair are all in place before heading out.Choose a mirror with gold accents or black stripes depending on the look you re going for.

P/s : These mirrors will be good for mirror selfies that will show your entire “OOTD too!


  1. Artificial plant

Not only do they add in an instant splash of color and burst a greenery they can really up the wow factor in a room. Green is on trend right now so go all out with the height and structure with over-sized plants such as cheese plants, palms or cacti. If your home do not have space for over-sized plants, you may try to group together a collection of smaller plants to style up a tabletop or windowsill.

Artificial plants not only look great, they are fuss free! You don’t have to worry about watering, positioning, maintenance or bugs. And you have to added benefit of being able to use exotic and tropical spices which look good all year round.


  1. Gallery Wall

Those empty walls are filled with possibilities!

Nothing adds personality and color quite like a gallery wall. Whether you’re an art collector, a nature enthusiast or a photographer, your walls can be customized so that you can be surrounded by the things you adored. Display a collection of art or photographs on a plain wall. Opt for simple, cohesive frames or bring in an array or ornate variations to mix things up.

Tips: Extent the gallery wall to the ceiling to create the illusion of a larger space.


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